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my name is quasiperiodic.


i am a farmer, permaculturalist, ex-transhuman, scifi enthusiast, and writer.


as a somewhat selfaware organism who is also just a minor component of the great ecosystem, i have struggled with the world of capitalism and liberalism, where accumulation of personal power is the only end, and the only means. but at the same time, i dont see great potential either from anthropocentric collectivism (socialism). every sign points to us having reached the end of our growth as a species, having expanded into every bioregion, even conquering the atom. where is there left to go?


most of the books i read as a child pointed to this dead end, this futility and impending apocalypse. i’ve dreamt about it all my life, and have also spent my life searching for some way through the slow but accelerating climate catastrophe we are currently entering.  but nothing in the realm of the real or ordinary offers any hope for life to continue expanding, growing, involuting and developing.


the tree into space is the only way forward i see. so i work to make the allegory real. to immanentize the tree of life.

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reinventing farming. growing a tree into space.

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