tree into space enterprises

the Tree Into Space is an allegory turning real. regrowing Yggdrisil from midgard all the way to heaven, to push life into orbit and beyond.

the first phase of the Tree Into Space is artistic. the first step in the Tree Into Space is to tell the story of the Tree Into Space. to that end, we have created a series of stories outlining different ways the Tree might come to pass, as well a series of foliar/fauna sketches, and different artistic visions of the Tree.


but first, what the fuck are we talking about: an “explanation”

also, who are we.


TIS facebook: crowdsourcing Tree research, cultivating the TIS #aesthetic

we currently have two commissioned TIS artworks. please contact us if you’re an artist interested in working with us.

sketches:  strange visions


a series of brief sketches of spaces between here and full flower.

a series of bridges from here to the unimaginable.

Optimal 1: direct request
Optimal 2: russian space tentacle
Gaian 1: space monkey
Pastoral 1: drone herdsman
Pastoral 2.1: the Garden
Pastoral 2.2: the Ram
JellyClouds: stratofish
Dark Seed: inoculating the oort
Backlog: 3 quickies
From Underneath: plants unite
Ober Apoc: dark rumination
bridges: a roleplaying outline