pastoral 2, outline1, the garden

the villages are cut into hills, with a giant crack that is also the front door and courtyard. A crack is cut into the dome of the hill, all the way through.  



at the top, the crack has rails across, for hanging plants in summer, and drying clothes.



the boy leaves with his first herd, with his solar buffalo bcs that hes made some modifications to.


the buffalo caries many supplies, feed and water for man and sheep, grain and grass seed, and herbs for planting by creek sides, and a secure rabbit warren


when he leaves to place the rabbit warren, something happens.


he activates remote eyes, counts sheep, activate feed sound to attract sheep, but some problem, activate robot chopper remote


find sheep with drone, activate sheep beacon, use scare sound, sheep return, training reinforced,


lead step to sheltered location, erect portable electric fence, go to mountaintop to repair comms beacon, clean solar panels, fix fencing, remove birdsnests check for squirrel damage


another clan, something scary, intimidation, erratic retaliator? -> high level communication, trade


Major weather event


survival, highlight the village design features, wind protection, drainage, earth heat, community response, humans are rabbits, humans are wolves, the alpha to sheep, the beta to the weather, genes, and…


everyone in the giant kitchen, cooking, salting, boiling (need water heating features, giant woodstove?)


light tubes (security weakness?)


vehicles parked in the Crack, bamboo windbreaks on one side




emergency caches deep into the Garden.




what we once called the Wild is now the Garden.

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reinventing farming. growing a tree into space.

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