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i’ve had a brainwave.

so i’m a small farmer, and an android geek, puttering about, thinking about my dream job. farming for google, of course.

and i started thinking about how google would actually view farming. the matrix of hunger, abundance and labor is a data distribution problem, really. so how do you bring the people to the food and vice versa?

imagine 20-50 small/tiny horticultural plots distributed across a town (or the google campus) ranging in size from a half acre down to a single plant or tree. each geotagged with data on what’s what, when to harvest, processing and cooking instructions, a record of fertilization and weeding.

make a mobile app that tells you what food is growing around you, planted by whom, maintained by whom, what food near you needs harvesting or weeding, gamify it obviously, leader boards for most food planted, most propogation, bonuses for importing new species and propogating successful plants, starting new plots, best weeder, most food given away…

make a distributed flagging/advertising system for help-needed requests, essentially food-available-for-work notices (instant 100% employment).

the app design is a massive, google-sized project, but we’d also need to start with a substantial variety of plots started. tagging local public mature fruit trees is one easy step (theres a public-park food forest in asheville that would be perfect), also community gardens, but starting a couple-few dozen tiny 5×5 plots in public parks would be the perfect way to get the ball rolling.

your standard row-crop agricultural model would perform poorly for this. what this would reward is distributed horticultural plants, perennial vegetables and herbs and food trees – permaculture essentially. plants that will take care of themselves pretty well, and give a bounty to the patient.

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