First Mobile App User Experience Drafts


on the advice of a smarter and tech-ier friend, i did some thinking, and some drawing, and some more thing and some re-drawing.

above is my first draft for a page describing an individual garden. at the top you have the current date and it’s identifiers. then it tells you when it was last tended, and by whom. then there will be a color coded box containing it’s current needs.

the picture on the right hand side will be the most recent photo of the¬†garden, with each plant¬†hyperlinked to it’s page, with detailed descriptions and recipes.

the plants are also listed in a text box, with common and latin names, also linked to the individual plants individual pages.

the page also holds a button to take action and move to the Gardening! page, as well as links to the FLF homepage and the user page



clickable plants




the Gardening! page has actions that may be taken, like weeding and watering in checkboxes, with their corresponding point values. the user will do their garden business, check the corresponding boxes, and then will be prompted to take or upload a photo of their work. validation will be centrally driven by photographic evidence.



the users page will list user details such as their point totals, badges earned (for instance, best weeder in west asheville), possibly elements such as work history, and ultimately the ability to redeem points for FLF promotional merchanidise or even gardening tools.


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