who am i

my name is quasiperiodic.


i am a farmer, permaculturalist, ex-transhuman, scifi enthusiast, and writer.


as a somewhat selfaware organism who is also just a minor component of the great ecosystem, i have struggled with the world of capitalism and liberalism, where accumulation of personal power is the only end, and the only means. but at the same time, i dont see great potential either from anthropocentric collectivism (socialism). every sign points to us having reached the end of our growth as a species, having expanded into every bioregion, even conquering the atom. where is there left to go?


most of the books i read as a child pointed to this dead end, this futility and impending apocalypse. i’ve dreamt about it all my life, and have also spent my life searching for some way through the slow but accelerating climate catastrophe we are currently entering.  but nothing in the realm of the real or ordinary offers any hope for life to continue expanding, growing, involuting and developing.


the tree into space is the only way forward i see. so i work to make the allegory real. to immanentize the tree of life.



humanity today has infinite power and no destination. we need a vision. 


the future will not be a trillion hairless apes, each with the power of a god. but our legacy can be life.


to achieve that, though, we need a hard left turn. upward.


microbes are our children. dna is our history. we can live on, but not as apes.


so heres the plan.


we hack all genes and sequester as much carbon as possible, as quickly as possible, into living wood. make it grow faster, make it stronger, make it branch and tie itself into the others, make it compress it’s own detritus into diamond columns, dig deeper, drink seawater, use all of the sunbeam, and grow up


a hollow porous tube, a solar chimney creating lift, the leaves angle and channel air into a vast spiral of wind heating and rising, while the branches drop resinous fuel into the combustion chamber at the heart of the hollow tree.


the tree walks outward. but lets also consider the ecology. squirrels that clear and clean and prune. foxes that clear and clean the squirrels. mycellial rivers pumping water. sloths pruning in high canopy, digesting defunct limbs, crapping compressed nanotubes

soon there would be great shadowed plains under the canopy of the Tree. new darker grasses expand inside the growing ringwall where the branches meet the ground. black bison, goats, and flaming sparkle unicorns.


the heat builds inside the tree’s dome. breezes pushing into a resinous up draft. sucking in air from it’s entire surface, to push   up


and sporulate.

most of the time this hot air shield mound volcano rocket launcher is not going to be pumping anything higher than the stratosphere. but when the seeds are ready, the resins are lit, and the tree turns into a mountain of rocket fuel hung on it’s own crystal lattice that can fire pods to the moon and beyond.


well. first things first. step one: inocculate the moon. then maybe you do more or less the same thing over again to get into deep space. otherwise the seed pods need a secondary propulsion to really get beyond earths gravity. (but then again, why not grow seeds with space-chlorophyl and steam reaction engines. )


a tree just ten miles high, not even out of our atmospheric layer, a ten mile gas powered railgun