TIS Designs


this is my current best design for phase one of the TIS. you might note that it is not, in fact, a balloon.





plan view: spiraling out, over under and through a road, house, etc.


i’m kinda thinking about switching from a single line spiral to an S spiral. not sure. harder to draw, but a more symetric origin point, that expands in both directions.




side view: the lattice.



one of my biggest developments has been the introduction of the floral fauna. parts of the tree that grow limbs, and become free standing parts of the tree.


as you can see here, these leaf hoppers fly away and plant themselves, becoming seeds. this accelerates growth immensely, as well as allowing the tree to grow right on top of obstacles such as buildings.




other creatures would have other functions or niches in the metabolizing ecosystem. perhaps this bison would eat the rebar under the roads?


but then what use has the Tree for steel? all we need are CHON (mostly).


i like the image of a fawn emerging from a bolus in a tree. and deer are archetypal animals.


but i’m not sure what their life cycle is about, yet.




wasps can do a lot of work. chew up a house, turn it into a nest. etc.


edena, moebius



in this graphic novel by the french wierdo Moebius, this tree is the killed patriarch’s spirit escaping to come around for another attack run. that’s basically what happens in edena. wierd fucking book.



excellent #TIS design tho. balloons are a very reasonable first step, even though they can only get you 10 mi up.

seeing as the most practical understood approaches would probably involve a lot of hydrogen and polymerized carbon, balloons are probably gonna be a solid design choice.