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The central idea of the Food Liberation Front is the gamification of IMG_20170622_113808 radically decentralized perennial agriculture. With a mobile app and some really amazing plants, we can regrow the gatherers landscape of free and abundant food for everyone.



Gameplay works like this: open the app, and you’ll see nearby FLF gardens. Selecting a garden, you will see a recent photograph of that garden, flfwith every desired plant tagged and linked. That way, individuals  with ZERO plant knowledge will be able to easily garden in any FLF garden, by referring to photos in the app of the garden they see from exactly where they stand, leaving no (or minimal) opportunity for confusion. Every type of plant will have their own page, explaining how to care for them, when to harvest, how to cook them, and how to propagate them. The app holds detailed info on the last time the garden was tended, and can let you know when your gardens need water or haven’t been weeded in a while. Once you’ve cared for your garden, select in the app what actions you’ve taken and upload a fresh picture. The app updates the gardens status, as well as your personal page, and awards points according to your contribution.

Weeding or watering will get you some points; weeding and watering regularly  14991826_10154062745590886_9179765662307460322_n gets you bonus points. Caring for multiple gardens will give you extra points. Harvesting food awards points; harvesting food and donating it to food banks gets bonus points. Propagating plants and giving them away gets you lots of points, and creating new FLF gardens awards the most points.

The vision of the Food Liberation Front is a multitude of garden plots growing low maintenance, high abundance, perennial food plants, freely available to the public and tracked via a mobile game, allowing users to publicly log their gardening contributions and compete with neighbors to become the most generous gardener on the block.


The Food Liberation Front is farmville IRL. Grow food for the good of all, while creating an alternative pattern for food production. Get points, and share it on facebook, feed your community, win the game.

The purpose of the Food Liberation Front is to make food free again, by refilling our outdoor spaces with hardy food plants, but also by rebuilding our connection to personally growing and harvesting food for ourselves, our families and everyone. The Food Liberation Front’s vision is a new wired Eden.

Phase 1: Creation of micro-gardens in half-barrels, using vermicomposted wood chips as the primary growing medium. This design allows us to create transportable gardens at negligible cost. The barrels are planted with a variety of easily propagated perennial vegetables, multiplied at minimal cost as a byproduct of nursery operations at EverBear Farm in Swannanoa, WNC. Micro-gardens are tracked via an online database.

Phase 2: Distribution of these established micro-gardens to friends, family, supporters and local businesses. Their growth and harvest, as well as any problems, are recorded as the app takes shape.

Phase 3: The process doubles. Almost all of the plants we work with can propagate by cutting, rhizome, or cloning, which means that every micro-garden is also a nursery capable of multiplying itself. This allows for truly exponential scalability. Meanwhile, our databases are developed into a website and mobile app, capable of tracking gardens, plants, and users, as well as being and educational resource. Neighbors can compete to feed each other more, while reducing or eliminating our dependence of destructive, toxic and insecure food systems.



whats with the barrels?

  • the barrels are centrally a method by which i can easily establish tiny perennial vegetable gardens on my farm, then move them to other locations once they’re strong. the barrels also seem to make sense as they are easily identifiable, create a strong boundary wrt weeds or dogs, and easily labeled. hopefully the time will come where we will outgrow barrels entirely, but for now they work.




FLF mobile user experience web interface mockup

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